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Conversion has become a lightning-rod issue, provoking intense, often emotional, responses about the essence of Judaism.

Few issues have changed the Jewish landscape as much as conversion. Aside from the controversy that divides American Jewry and Israeli Orthodoxy,within the United States the issue touches on identity and continuity, the gap between ethnicity and religion, and the lag between tradition and contemporary experience.



A Parent's Nightmare

What would you do if you found your basement filled with drunken teens? This in-depth article looks at the issues surrounding underage drinking and the law, from the point-of-view of the police, parents, parenting and legal experts and one respected couple whose New Year began in handcuffs.

US District Court rules government can't enforce contraception coverage mandate

This news impacts what parents need to know about the presidential candidates and their stand on key family issues, of which contraception is one of the most contentious, lately. It’s difficult to imagine how to resolve the gap between Republicans and Democrats when they can’t even agree on how to characterize them.

NOTE: This article was written before Edward Snowden had arranged to have leaked data about the NSA program PRISM published on June 5, 2013.

Be careful what searches you enter, which videos you watch and which photos you share, because they may end up as evidence in a criminal investigation. Yesterday, Google released their latest Transparency Report, sharing how much information they have supplied or suppressed based on governments', and copyright owners', legal demands. As parents, we may monitor younger children's online activity to protect them from dangerous people or sites. It seems our government, and everyone else's, wants to monitor those same people, for different reasons.

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