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Join Me This Monday. I'm in Such Good Company.

This Monday, October 9th, I get to speak on the same stage as some remarkable and inspirational people: CNN's Jake Tapper and his daughter; Johns Hopkins Medicine's Dr. Kathy McDonald; #MEAction's Jaime Seltzer; EndoFound's Dr. Tamer Seçkin; The John Ritter Foundation for Aortic Health's Meredith Ford O'Neal, SIDM's CEO Dr. Jennie Ward Robinson, Chief Science Officer Dr. Ronald Wyatt...and me.

Wow, I'm in good company! What are we talking about? We're sharing tools and pathways, personal stories and motivational ideas about what the real role of patients in healthcare can be, has been, and should be. Next week is the start of #SIDM2023, the ONLY Medical Conference solely focused on improving diagnosis, and we're beginning with patients, as every medical conference, research and qualitative improvement project, or study should.

And it's all FREE in person and streaming, when you register. If you live near Cleveland, register and come by for a morning chockfull of insights and ideas. If not, register to watch it LIVE.

BTW, if you're attending the full conference, come to hear me speak again at Tuesday morning's opening session about my son's eight-year-long diagnostic journey. I'm doing it in five minutes, including a brief excerpt of my book, currently in editing.


The Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine is the conference host. The four-day conference's theme is The Future of Diagnosis: Achieving Excellence and Equity.

After a welcome by Dr. Jennie Ward Robinson, the morning's first keynote is CNN's Jake Tapper –– one of the most recognized journalists in news media –– and his daughter Alice Paul Tapper, who will share some very personal experiences of medical misdiagnosis and the drive to prevent others, especially children, from having to go through similar and unnecessary real life threatening medical drama.They will be interviewed after by Dr. Ronald Wyatt.

Next is the annual Patient Summit,which I am co-chairing for the second time. The Summit's theme is Celebrating Patient-Initiated Innovations in Improving Diagnosis.What do we mean when we say patient initiated innovations? We’re talking about engaged, empowered, educated patients and caregivers who have decided to team up to solve an existing diagnostic problem with a medical condition they’ve experienced.

There's a long list of patient-led organizations, locally and globally, who are making it easier for people to get diagnosed properly, accurately and timely. Monday's speakers are some of the most innovative thinkers in this field, focused on #ME and #CFS, #endometriosis, and #AorticDissection. But you may have benefited from many of the others working to improve patient safety in #BreastCancer, #Cancer, #CysticFibrosis, #InflammatoryBreastCancer, #Kernicterus, #KidneyCancer, #LongCovid, #LymeDisease, #MentalHealth, #RareDiseases, #Sepsis, and so many more.

If you live in or near #Cleveland, register today to join us in-person. If you live too far away to come over Monday morning, register for a free link to watch all these fantastic experts, and me, share our stories, live.


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