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Heading for Boston

It's a big week. I'm re-launching my website a few hours before heading to Boston for two important meetings. The first is a joint effort between the Cambridge-based think tank Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) and the Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine (SIDM). Both are focused on making healthcare better for all of us. I'm on a panel of experts focused on Interventions to Improve Diagnosis and our first face-to-face meeting is in 6 hours. I'm excited about the mission and eager to meet the other panelists.

The second is the 10th Diagnostic Error in Medicine (DEM) International Conference, also organized and run by SIDM. The theme is Improving Diagnosis: It Takes a Team.

I'll be blogging about the four-day conference,(click the link for the full program guide) starting with the Patient Summit on Saturday October 7. The Summit is completely filled up. Patients and patient advocates are gathering to attend workshops, to engage in dialogue with one another, and to improve our skill sets. I can't wait.

I'll share the conference highlights with you, interview the presenters and the organizers, and discuss what I learn about how we can help reduce diagnostic error. That's it for now. I need to catch my flight.

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