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An easy way to improve healthcare. Today!

Here is something very easy you can do today to help make a big impact on diagnostic error and patient-centered care. Cut, Paste, Sign, and Email. Due date is August 5.

HHS is working on Healthy People 2030. They've requested comments on their revised definition of Health Literacy. It's essential to have one that promotes patient-centered care since the result will impact the future direction of healthcare. A sub-committee of the Patient Engagement Committee of SIDM (Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine) met to revise the HHS working definition since we felt it was insufficient. We're doing this as individual patient advocates, not as official spokespeople for SIDM.

Attached is a suggested definition email. It has space for you to personalize it with your role and your signature. Or click here: Send the email to: By August 5 please.

Submission Instructions. Be brief and concise; Limit 250 words

Please personalize paragraph 2 and the signature line.

HHS’ current working definition:

Health literacy occurs when a society provides accurate health information and services that people can easily find, understand, and use to inform their decisions and actions.


Health literacy is the ability of a patient to access, understand, discuss, and act on information provided to make fully informed medical decisions. Success requires multiple variables: the patient’s ability and will to learn, the individual provider’s communication skills, and all healthcare-related organizations' delivery of relevant medical resources, including the patient’s own records.


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